Profitable Talking Portraits.


The Era of the Talking Portrait is now.

Professional hybrid photographers are skillfully blending still photos, video audio and more to create Talking Portraits that are delivered to their customers phones. Soon the majority of school, kids sports, graduation, and even church directory portraits will talk and dance and sing onto phones just like yours.

PortraitLink offers a wide array of services to professional photographers and hybrid photographers looking to make profitable Talking Portraits and eProducts. We provide the eTemplates, training to create Talking Portraits, an auto-editing system to create Talking Portraits without the need for video editing, Talking Portrait delivery options, and more all under the guidance of Master Hybrid Photographer Will Crockett.
Our first fully-supported eProduct for professional photographers is the Talking Church Directory that is in Beta Team testing now and expected to be released globally in January of 2019.