Our pro photographers arrive at your event.

They create great pictures then auto-add your branding.

We deliver the final photo right to the guests phone.

In 60 seconds or less.




The Pictures

CA wine Comp.jpg

People LOVE a good photo of themselves when they are all dressed up, or when they are at a fun event, or when they are with someone special. PortraitLink sends real, professional, well trained photographers with pro-level equipment to create images at your event..

The Posts

facebook post DAVE wine2.jpg

When we create a great picture of your guests, then finish it with some artwork, and deliver it right onto their phones, it becomes a special memory. They want to share it right away. And most do. Using our “OneClick” social post button makes is easy to go from phone to facebook, instagram, or Twitter with just a tap.

The Result


These posted pictures broadcast your branding message to thousands - maybe even millions - of people connected to your guests with a positive vibe.
We can add text, hashtags and even a hyperlink that lands on their phones and on their posts.
There’s no better way to share your event with your world through facebook, instagram and twitter.



How well does it work?

Over 60% of your guests will post at least one of the PortraitLink pictures right from their phones. Many post more than one while still at your event.


Perfect for:

Product Launches
Corporate Events
Citywide Events
Expos and Competitions