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Laurie Knotts

Our sales and marketing director on a mission is a former teacher and project manager for a large church that loves being a young gramma to her five “littles”. Fascinated with technology, Laurie is constantly looking for new ways to use our imaging tools and toys to deliver results for her clients.
Making time for her five grandkids and for exploring the central coast backroads is always a priority. She’s cheery, creative, fun and that person in the office everyone likes to say good morning to.

[805] 471 4774

Will Crockett

WC speaking SPAC2019sm.jpg

Part creative, part technogeek, our director of imaging is just as happy with a camera in his hands as he is calculating the impedance of an antenna. Best known across the globe in the photo industry as the creator of the brand of educational content, you will find our fearless leader lecturing at various photo conventions across the US. As an early retiree from Chicago’s commercial photo scene, Will is enjoying a second (third?) career in the Central Coast helping PortraitLink grow into the leading brand in event photomarketing.

[630] 297 2648