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We know, email for customer service makes you nervous right?  Us too.  Right now we are still in the startup phase and we live on email.  Expect a reply from a human that really cares about helping you by the next day. We are on Pacific time and keep long hours. We are all available to help with your Talking Portrait questions here:


Who are we?

Good question! Will Crockett is known in the photo industry as the founding father of hybrid photography and of the Talking Portrait as we know it. Take a look at his bio below to see his pedigree - he's the real deal - part creative photographer guy and part super techy developer dude.   PortraitLink is the worlds first hybrid lab and we created the system, the training, most of the terms for the tools and we think it will revolutionize the photo world.   Let's see? 

Here’s a funny bio video from one of Will’s seminar tours a few years back. His hair is a little lighter, so is his waistline, but he is still the same guy as you see here.

Barry Staver is a super talented photographer based in Denver.  He and Will go way back and both have solid hybrid skills.  Barry and Will do all the training and make all the decisions that matter here.  The rest of the team help keep customer source files moving in, PortraitLinks moving out, and rejects as low as possible.  We are all available to help with your Talking Portrait questions here:


will crockett bio

Will Crockett is one of Americas premier hybrid photographers and is honored to be the creator of the “Talking Portrait”.  Starting his career as a commercial and editorial photographer in the 90’s, Will rose quickly to prominence with a fresh engaging photographic style of portraiture than brought him assignments for TIME, NEWSWEEK, PEOPLE and TV GUIDE magazines before the age of 30. Best known in the photo industry as a seminar speaker, Will enjoyed presenting over 250 speaking events all over the globe on topics related to shooting smarter instead of harder.  His award-winning ShootSmarter DVD Series produced 34 titles found in most camera stores in the US and Europe before it became the first professional photo video series sold on
These days Will is focussed on launching the world’s first system for producing high volume non-printed photo “eProducts” that combine still, video and audio files into beautiful portraits that talk, dance, sing and laugh on customers phones and social pages.  

Will is currently based in California’s central coast and is the CEO of - the photo industries first hybrid lab.


Barry Staver Bio


I photograph people, telling their stories visually. I’ve never really considered it “work”. It’s a passion. It’s my craft.
A lifetime spent looking thru the camera viewfinder gives me a sixth sense to be in the right places at the right times to capture decisive moments. This expertise comes from years of photojournalistic, reportage  and DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY FOR NATIONAL MAGAZINES, corporations, HEALTHCARE, higher education and other public sector firms. I also share a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism awarded in 2000 to the editorial staff of The Denver Post where I worked as a Photo Editor and Photographer.

It’s my belief that a strong, successful photograph is worth 1,000 words.

I’m a published author:  “MASTER’S GUIDE TO OFF-CAMERA FLASH” and “FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY” are available at Amazon. These books are designed to help aspiring photographers with lighting – a key ingredient in successful photography.
Colorado’s always been home – a great place to raise 2 sons (now grown and on their own). My life has been enriched thru an 18 year YOGA PRACTICE and certification as a yoga instructor. I’ve also discovered the beauty and tranquility beneath the ocean’s surface as a SCUBA diver. Did I mention Foodie? Yep, been taking cooking classes from CHEF MARK at Sur la Table. Last, but not least, learning to play the harmonica!

Can I help you tell a story? EMAIL or call Barry to get the ball rolling.