“professional at every turn”
We pride ourselves in delivering a high quality product and professional service so we are glad to hear our clients tell us how much they appreciate our efforts. We don’t want you to give us your business, we want to earn your corporate event business. Here’s why PortraitLink is one of the fastest growing event photomarketing businesses in California…

Why do I need PortraitLink at my corporate events?
Social marketing is the most effective and powerful marketing tool there is and PortraitLink delivers pictures of your guests right to their phones, usually in seconds. Each photo features your event clients branding voice and your logo and text too. Using our “One Tap” facebook posting button on every photo, we are able to get your guests to post our photos on their social platforms. When you hire PortraitLink you make money and you get hundreds of honest, organic social posts. There is no better marketing for your venue than that.

Over 80% of the guests at your events will post at least one of the photos taken by PortraitLink.

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The Photos.
We don’t send kids who just got off from their shift at the mall to photograph your events. We have trained professional photographers that know how to make your guests comfortable, look great, and add the visual flavor of your venue into each picture. Once we take each photo, the file travels up to the cloud where it’s overlayed with the graphic artwork we create in advance. This artwork both your event clients - and your - branding voice. Then, each photo is sent to the guests phone as a text message.

The Branding.
Your corporate event clients want to make a specific impression on each guest that arrives at your event. We can help in the delivery of that message with the graphics and text capabilities of PortraitLink. Not only can we place logos on every photo, but we can customize the photo gallery viewing page we provide for each guest with more graphics, a corporate logo, text, hyperlinks, hashtags and more. Everytime a guest looks at one of the photos we send them, they view it on our gallery page that features the event and the venues branding voice.

Your guests will post 2.8 photos from PortraitLink on average while they are still at your event.

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The Results.
How do you get guests of your event to post photos that make you look great?
How do you get over 80% of your guests to post a photo with your branding message on their social pages?
How do you give your guests a great photo memento of your event, delivered to their phones ready for posting?
PortraitLink. We deliver professional photos with your branding voice right to your guests phones and encourage them to post.
Our results speak for themselves.

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