Data Security


The truth, plain and simple:

A lot of websites say they take your data security seriously but do they really mean it? From the amount of data breach stories reported on the news it looks to us like they don’t care at all. At PortraitLink, we care. Our owners have been conducting business on the web since the birth of today’s internet and never once had a problem - and we never will.
It’s not hard to locate a reputable z14 server service with great security references right here in America, and it’s not too difficult to encrypt data on a server, it’s also easy to securely delete data off of a server when you are done with it, so that’s what we do. The system behind-the-scenes that empowers PortraitLink is new and written with clean code on premium grade servers in the USA. The second we enter in your data into our system, it’s encrypted with all but the last 4 digits of your phone number X’ed out. Take a look at the screenshot of the data control panel at the bottom of this page. The data is not copied, sold, or distributed in any way and as long as our owners are in charge of PortraitLink - it never will be. We hope you can tell we’re serious.

What data do we gather?

To deliver a PortraitLink photo to your guests phones, we need their cell phone number. So we ask for the guest to speak it to us right after we take the picture and well over 98% of all guests have no problem giving it to us. The number is entered into our system, used to deliver the photo files as text messages, then as soon as we close the event and shut down the processing system *POOF* that data is gone. Erased permanently.
We sure hope that makes you feel more comfortable about how we handle your data. If not, please reach out?

All questions and concerns should be forwarded to our fearless leader, Will Crockett, details here. 

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