Getting your Talking Portrait to your Customer.

Here’s what a customer sees when they receive the PortraitLink from us.

We have built PortraitLink on two key points that make the process of viewing and sharing a Talking Portrait easy:

First is that we provide a view-only link as the Talking Portrait.  Customers cannot download it.  Photographers can if they want, but customers cannot.

Second is our data is clear and shows that customers do not want to be forced to use an app to view their Talking Portraits.  In fact, they really don't like to use an app for any task if they don't have to.  Our system skips the app to keep things simple and profitable.

Our autoediting system is pretty smart.  It's designed for you to setup your shoots, create the source files, upload the source files then let the system do the rest.  We suggest that you setup the system preference panel inside your PortraitLink account to deliver the final link to the customer as soon as it's done just like in the video above.  We want you to focus on selling and shooting and let us do the file processing and delivery.