Auto-editing instructions.

People always ask "how does your magic auto-editing system know how to edit my source files?  How does it know where to place the graphics I see in the final Talking Portrait?"
An eTemplate is a set of instructions that we plug into our autoediting system so you don't have to mess with it. They describe how to edit and transform your set of photo and video source files into one single video file that is uploaded into a delivery platform to be streamed as an eProduct.
Each eTemplate includes code that instructs our auto assembly system on how to place each photo and video file in the correct order, how to control the music and graphics, and where to inject text into the editing of the eProduct and more.
For now, we will be using only one eTemplate for the Talking Church Directory auto-editing we will be running for you. Later we plan to offer many eTemplates that you can simply attach to your upload to tell our autoeditors which eProduct you are making at that moment.  We plan to continuously add and improve our catalogue of eTemplates so you can shoot a directory on Tuesday, then a few Talking Business Cards on Wednesday, a High School Football PortraitLink on Wednesday night, then back to directory shoots on Thursday....