PortraitLink Events

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we know how to get pictures from your event shared on facebook.

The first picture we take of your guest gets registered into our system where we add your logo+artwork then send it right to the guests phone.

They love it and post on facebook.

Later on when we take another picture of that same guest, our system already knows them so it adds your artwork and sends it to their phone.

They love it and post on Instagram.

A few minutes later, we take a fun group photo that includes the same guest with some new friends. Our system automatically adds your artwork and sends it to their phones, allowing your guests to choose as many of the great photos taken at your event as they like. Every one is posted with your branding message.


we photograph your guests, add your branding artwork, then deliver the image right to the guests phone in less than a minute.

Guests love to share the fun they are having at your event. As soon as they arrive and grab a drink our photographers say Hi and offer a professional photograph that’s ready to share just seconds after it was taken. They agree and love the photo. Then later at the silent auction tables our photographers see a great shot and ask them if they would like a photo. Of course they agree and the photo is again layered with your branding art and arrives on their phone in seconds. Then it’s dance time and our photographers get three terrific shots of them on the floor. All three are combined with your brand and delivered automatically for instant sharing. Well over 50% of the people we photograph using this system post at least one photo within 24 hours. PortraitLink is the first and only photography company in California licensed to use this unique image processing and delivery system.

Data Security.
At the end of the event, we shut down our processor and all the data, pictures and cell phone info is deleted with no possibility of a security issue. As our client, you can arrange in advance to buy the photos, but not the data. Rest assured, your guests data is safe.

A typical event of say 300 people is best served by one of our photographers and one of our Coordinators working together. A Coordinator is a customer service professional that uses a phone or tablet device to connect the photos we take to the guests cell phone with a smile. This allows us to photograph new guests and connect them to their photos at a rate of up to two per minute and it provides the best guest experience for your event. Once a guest has been connected in our system, all subsequent pictures of them are automatically delivered allowing the Coordinator to create new photos that your guests will like and hopefully post with your message. Both you and your guests will be happy with the results.
Setting up your artwork costs $100., then the first hour for the photographer is $350, with additional hours at $200. Coordinators are $125 per hour. If you would like the photos we have taken, you can own all the original files for $150. That’s it, nice and simple.

Contact Laurie Knotts at 805 471-4774 or email her here for availability, pricing, suggestions for your event and to see a live demo of just how cool this system really is. {You’ll love it!}