PortraitLink Talking Portrait Examples


This is what the PortraitLink Talking Portrait looks like when it's delivered to your customers phone.  They simply tap the PLAY arrow to view.  Tap it again to copy and send it to a friend. Then paste it on their facebook page.  All in less than 60 seconds.

The era of the photo "eProduct" is here - electronic photo products to sell alongside your printed photo products.  High volume and studio portrait photographers are listening to their customers and the message is clear: they want a beautiful, moving, talking, laughing, dancing portrait to show and share on their phones and facebook pages.  The team at PortraitLink are the global leaders in creating high quality and profitable eProducts for the professional photographer to sell to those customers.  Someday, we think our PortraitLink Talking Portrait eProducts will be your primary revenue source - that's right - we think you'll be selling more eProducts than printed products.

what are eProducts?

eProducts combine photo + video + audio + graphics to create talking portraits that can be viewed, shared and posted instantly. Typically sent as a text to a customers phone, these 20 to 45 second long streaming video eProducts are sold as a non-downloadable view-only link. Our data reveals that using an app to deliver eProducts actually hinders sales so we don't use one.  No apps, nothing to download.  Just click and view. Our PortraitLink brand eProducts are designed for the professional photographer, not for the consumer.


Our brand of eProducts, called PortraitLinks, are created by professional photographers who upload their source files into our cloud-based system for editing, assembly, and delivery. This allows the photographer to choose the style of PortraitLink they want to make and sell, then focus on shooting the source files efficiently to maximize profits.

Here's a few samples of PortraitLink Talking Portraits that you can soon create and sell:

PortraitLink Talking Business Card

Talking Church Directory PortraitLink

High School Football PortraitLink

Little League PortraitLink

DayCare Talking Portrait PortraitLink

KidsCard PortraitLink