it’s all about your phone.

We view and share almost all of our photos on phones, it’s the way we live. The images created by PortraitLink are made for your phone and for social sharing too. For local events in the Central Coast, we create great candid pictures of your guests that are instantly branded with your company identity then sent to their phones - ready for sharing. Well over 60% of your event guests will share them in their social pages usually in just minutes after we take the pictures, learn more here. Then from our studio, we create the coolest talking portraits you have ever seen.

Talking Portraits

How come business cards don’t talk to you? Why don’t dancing portraits dance or greeting cards talk and giggle? They do now with our talking portrait technology. We record photo and video content that we turn into a simple link that is texted to your phone for you to click and play and instantly share and post. Take a look at these examples and call us for talking portrait session.