DTC Social Marketing that works

for California’s Winemakers and Event Producers.

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Social + DTC = Success

Marketing your brand through social media is “the” emerging ad space, and Direct To Consumer sales growth is now a necessity. So how are you using social media to sell your brand direct to consumers?

we make it simple… and fun!

We transform your events into DTC marketing success stories by getting over 80% of your guests to want to post your brand on their social pages. And they will thank you for it too. No kidding.

Our photos with your branding artwork and logo are delivered right to the guests phone in 20 seconds - ready to post.

Our photos with your branding artwork and logo are delivered right to the guests phone in 20 seconds - ready to post.

from click to post.

We start by taking a professional photo of the guest enjoying your event experience. These are engaging pictures featuring your environment that guests cannot take by themselves. Then we add your branding text, logo and hashtags on every photo using artwork you have pre-approved.

delivered to their cell phone in seconds.

Then the magic happens. We deliver these instantly postable photos to their phones in 20 seconds or less. They LOVE the photo and our cool delivery system that uses brand new technology that only PortraitLink has in Central California.
Then they post the photo on facebook, instagram, Pintrest and others to share the experience of your event with their friends.

PortraitLink is perfect for

  • Wine Events. Regional Festivals. Fundraisers. Grand Openings.

  • Corporate events. Holiday Parties. Wedding Receptions.

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the photo is only the start…

As if delivering a great photo right into the hands of your events guests in 20 seconds isn’t impressive enough, we can add a few more layers of shaping to your marketing message. Your artwork, hashtags, event title, links and even a follow-up text message surround the photos on the guests phones and add some flavor to the “secret sauce” we use for getting over 80% of your guests to post at least one PortraitLink photo on their facebook and instagram pages.
The secret? It’s simple, just offer something of great perceived value to the guest if they show a posted PortraitLink, then we get out of the way. When a guest posts, all their friends see it on their screens too. The result is that the guests receive a few really nice photos that show and share their experience at your event, and you get tens if not hundreds of thousands of impressions on your guests social feeds and their friends social feeds. Aaaah, DTC marketing success.