The first picture we take of your guest gets registered into our system using artificial intelligence to connect the look of the person with their cell phone number. This data is safely secured as we add your logo, artwork and text “tags” to the image then send it right to the guests phone as a text message.

They love it and post on facebook right from your event.

Later on when we take a second picture of that same guest, our system already knows them, so it adds your artwork overlay to the new photo and once again and sends it to their phone automatically.

They love the second photo too, so they post it on Instagram.

Our photographers are well-trained on how to shoot images that get posted. PortraitLinks founder and CEO is a well respected pro photographer who’s work you have seen in major ad campaigns and magazine pages. Guests love our photos and well over 60% of the will post at least one photo we take. Most events, we average over 80% and half of the guests post more than one photo of ours.

A few minutes later, we take a fun group photo that includes the same guest with some new friends they made at your event. Our photo team sees them and creates a group shot of eight faces. The photo flows into our system where it is enhanced with your graphic overlay and it’s sent to all eight to their phones.

What makes some events more successful than others? Planning. That’s why events at this scale are managed by an expert like you. If you are ready to use the massive marketing power of organic posts created by your guests please reach out. We have a set of tools we can use to get your event the exposure you deserve.

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Data Security.
At the end of each event, we shut down our processor and offload all the data and pictures to an offline secure storage port. The cell phone info is deleted with no possibility of a security issue. Not even our staff has the ability to see the full cell number once it’s entered into the system. As our client, you can arrange in advance to buy the photos, but not the data. Rest assured, your guests data is safe.