You shoot, we edit, install, then deliver.

Our process is simple; we have created a cloud-based file processing system that is really cool and extremely powerful.  It takes your photo and video and data files and assembles them automatically in just a few seconds into one single video file using special instructions about where to place graphics, and what text to appear in which space.  Then it installs that video file into a video streaming platform much more powerful and higher quality than YouTube and it sends you a link to view that video and the talking portrait is born.  You just click the link and the Talking Portrait plays on any screen at anytime. The video is never downloaded, only viewed.  You either sell the link to the customer or combine that link with other pieces to make a larger eProduct like our Talking Directory.

portraitlink auto-edits your source files.

Your process {as a hybrid photographer and customer of PortraitLink} is different.  We need to help you learn how to shoot the photo and video files you need to make and sell a PortraitLink Talking Portrait.  They need to be good looking of course, but they also need to slide right through our auto-editing system with ease in order to keep your time and costs down and your profits and free time up!  Here's how...

You can use whatever gear you like for lighting and shooting and sound recording, but if you use the gear we are familiar with, we can help you much more quickly.  Here's our list of recommended gear.


The DayCare PortraitLink Talking Portrait. This is the item that Moms buy. It’s delivered to the Moms phone as a text message and appears as a link on their phone that plays and posts instantly.

A closer look at the process.

As you probably guessed, Moms LOVE the Talking Portraits and they are a much easier sell than a typical print pak job is. Many photographers sell the Moms on the PortraitLink up front {typical sale price is $29-$59. each} then deliver it with a link to a special gallery of still photos that can be purchased online. You make money from selling the PortraitLink Talking Portrait AND from the print sales afterward.
A typical Talking Portrait shooting session would be where you go to a location, like a daycare facility for instance, setup your hybrid shooting station in a low light and quiet spot. Keep in mind that you will be using a very "directional" microphone for recording sound so you do not need a super quiet space.  You want to be able to shoot the source files of each child as quickly as possible, upload the ones you need to PortraitLink to have us make the edited final eProduct. Let's say you have chosen to make a PortraitLink Talking Portrait that requires three photos and two video clips for each little kiddo.  You'll shoot maybe 15 photos though because you will make more money if you have good photos to sell as prints later.
Next you prepare to upload the files to PortraitLink. Each child needs his own folder on your computer.  In that folder you place the three still photos you want to use and the two video clips you shot of that child.  You also pop in the data file we help you create that has their name, delivery contact person and other info we need to make this work smoothly. Then up it goes! You upload the folder for each kids to PortraitLink where we read the data inside each folder and process and deliver the file to the right place at the right time with all your added touches on it to keep those sales high and keep those Moms excited to receive their new Talking Portrait.
We can help you organize the still photos into our sales portal then you go sell.

We think the professional photographer of the future knows how to shoot hybrid and knows how to sell.  All the editing, delivery, and order processing is what you pay us for.  BTW, thanks for reading all of this and we hope you are turbocharged about this opportnity right now?