Ready to eProcess?

Great!  We are too. Let's say you are starting to make a Talking Church Directory for a client and we have the eTemplate you like installed into the PortraitLink system and it requires three still photos, two video clips and a small data file.  So that's what you shoot for each customer, then you shoot some more still photo files to offer for sale as prints in our online sales gallery.
Next you put the source files needed to produce one PortraitLink inside a folder along with a CSV file that includes the name of the subject, any other data required by the eTemplate {we will help you with these data files}. The folder is then uploaded to the PortraitLink website for autoassembly where it’s first checked to see if it has all the required files. If all the source files are accepted, the photographer is charged a processing fee and the system but edits the source files into one video file. Next, the system uploads the new video to a delivery platform that can be customized by the photographer to present a unique identity.
The system sends a message to the photographer once the final eProduct is ready for delivery and the photographer decided if the eProduct is ready to send of if there are changes to be made. If the photographer clicks on the SEND NOW button, the PortraitLink is then delivered to the customer.

Some photographers want the full sized video file sent to them for storage.  No problem.  We send the full sized video to you for a small extra charge.

Remember that Talking Portrait customers typically do not want to deal with a 40M video file.  They loose it, try to text it, email it when connected to the cell network and call to complain about it not being easy to send.