what can Portraitlinks do for your business events?

These pictures get posted by your guests onto their social pages. A lot. How?


From click to post, portraitlink delivers.

We start by taking a professional photo using a high quality camera and powerful flash to capture the experience of your guests enjoying your event. These are photos they simply cannot take by themselves. Next we add your branding artwork, then place the photos on a viewing page that also includes your marketing message, and deliver the final PortraitLinks to the guests phone via text. All in less than a minute.

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your guests social feeds are the brand marketing magic you are looking for.

Our data is clear in revealing over 60% of your guests will post at least one of these photos on their social pages. So how do we get such a high social feed post rate?

  1. Our photographers make your guests comfortable and look good.

  2. Our photos are much better than the guest can take themselves.

  3. Adding your branding artwork makes the photo a commemorative keepsake of the positive event experience.

  4. We carefully construct a value proposition to encourage the guests to post. For example, at a recent wine event we told the guests that if they post a PortraitLink to any of their social pages, then show the post to the barkeep they would get a free taste of the 2015 signature reserve wine available only to guests that show a post. 97% of all guests we photographed took advantage of the offer creating ROI proof of over 120 people who posted 1.62 photos each. That meant we delivered well over 44,000 social impressions in 2 hours to a highly targeted audience. There is no other way to get this high level of social marketing exposure that is all direct to consumer. Ready for more details? Please read the photomarketing page or contact us for more.