What are source files?

The actual still photos and video clips you create to make a Talking Portrait are referred to as "source files".  At PortraitLink, we accept your source files then combine them with ours to make the cool looking eProducts we call "Talking Portraits".
In order to get your source files to flow through our autoediting system and produce the Talking Portraits you are expecting, you need to start shooting a little differently.  Not to worry tho, we can help you learn how to shoot "hybrid" photo+video+audio files.

specs for Source files.

All source files that you upload to us need to meet the following requirements:

  • Horizontally framed.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Photo files are sRGB jpeg.
  • Video files are 1080p @ 30 fps .MOV or MP4.
  • Data files are in the CSV format.

Need help in getting your camera setup to shoot source files? We strongly suggest using a mirrorless camera for this type of work. Here's our recommended gear list.


Suggestions: photo.

If you are shooting with a Lumix GH4 / GH5 / GH3, we suggest shooting large size jpegs in the camera with the FINE compression settings at the 16:9 aspect ratio.  We also like the AUTO settings for iDynamic and the OFF setting for the iResolution function.
Always use custom White Balance and for the Lumix cameras we suggest the Lastolite EZYbalance targets on the GREY side.

suggestions: video.

Lumix GH users will set their video recording format to MP4 and the video record quality setting to the 1920x1080, 59.94p, image sensor 59.94 28Mbps AAC.  When you upload the MP4 video fies shot at 59.94 fps we will automatically down rez that file to 30fps to meet our streaming standard.
Confused about all this?  Please don't worry, we are truly experts with all this tech setting stuff and can help - as long as you use the cameras we recommend.  :  )