Our First eProduct:

This is a screenshot from an iPhone that is logged into a real Talking Church Directory.  Most people use it just like this.  See below for a video sample from this church group.

This is a screenshot from an iPhone that is logged into a real Talking Church Directory.  Most people use it just like this.  See below for a video sample from this church group.

Here’s a typical PortraitLink for a member of a church. This is sold to the family and to the church to use in a directory. We gather up all the PortraitLinks from your church shoot and assemble them on the church website.

The Talking Church Directory is the first auto-edited eProduct available to a limited number of professional high volume photographers from PortraitLink in 2018, then available globally in 2019.  To create a Talking Church directory, photographers simply shoot the source files using our easy-to-master guidelines {still photo in jpeg, video clips in MP4} then upload them and we take it from there!  We do all the file prep, all the video editing, we install it to the delivery platform, send a link to your customer, then assemble the whole set of church member PortraitLink Talking Portraits into a nice webpage on your church website.

Please take a look at the video at the bottom of this page to see how it works - it's been a very popular eProduct.  We've decided to use this eProduct to train our next group of hybrid photographers on because it's not a time-pressured type of shoot {we shot the last one of 400+ people in 7 weeks of shooting sessions}, the profits are good, and if the photographer does a good job with the sessions they will earn a new customer for life because we find the church is always adding and changing their membership and they love the talking directory and want it kept up to date.

To actually sell this eProduct, we suggest using the video below as the opener, then present the sale with the key benefit being the fact that this talking directory draws the congregation closer together.  People meet each other inside this directory and it inspires a conversation the next weekend.  Once the church board understands that, it's an easy sell from there.  We suggest you install a hybrid shooting station or two in the church facility somewhere.  People are very comfortable going church or synagogue for the shoots, and be ready to work Sundays!  We booked heavy on Sunday after service then after lunch because folks are already dressed and they are impressed that you are right in the building.  Also, the promotional opportunities in the church are great.  If you can get a poster up on every doorway, then frame up a few sample prints and then have a TV screen playing low/no volume samples of the PortraitLink - bingo!
Also, we boosted print sales on our last shoot by selling a framed print as the special.  We bought 50 black hardwood frames and nice white mattes to hold an 11x14 print in a 16x20 frame and glass.  They cost us $36 and we sold almost 50 at $199. each.  No need for frame color or style choice - black sells and really looks great for this type of display at church and outside of church on a warm sunny day.

This is the promo video for the Talking Church Directory. We offer this for you to use to load up on your tablet or phone to go show the church board. We can add your logo and link at the end of the video to customize it a bit too. We will be supplying more sales tools for you as we go along - tell us what you need to sell more PortraitLinks!

CCC Directory Poster LETTER copy2.jpg


how can you shoot and sell the talking church directory?

If you are already skilled at hybrid photography, please contact Coach Will for advanced placement. Most photographers will need to complete our Basic Hybrid Training course in order to shoot the hybrid source files required to submit to us for processing. Not sure if you need to take the training course? Contact for more info.

This is a sample of the poster we used on a Talking church Directory job.  The hybrid set was installed in the church music room, we used an online scheduling app to allow for online appointments {10to8.com and we loved it!} and shot the entire church group in 7 weeks WITH A 96% ENGAGEMENT RATE. No kidding.  When the pastor loves the idea and promotes it, the members booked sessions!