“even my mom liked her picture”

PortraitLink helps you celebrate your wedding by giving a commemorative photo of each of your guests. We prepare a graphic overlay ahead of your big day, then we take beautiful photos of your guests at your reception. We combine each phot with your graphic right after we take it then deliver the final picture to the guests phone. Usually within 60 seconds. Then we show them our “One Tap” posting button just under the photo that allows them to quickly post onto their facebook and instagram pages.

Why would I want PortraitLink at my wedding reception?

Your guests get a professional photo of themselves at your wedding, delivered right to their phones.
Each photo will feature beautiful graphics to signify the celebration of your wedding.
Well over 80% of your guests will post their photo on their pages - usually while they are still at your reception.

PortraitLink is a classy way to tell your guests that you appreciate them joining you on your wedding day..


The Cost?

We don’t replace your traditional wedding reception photographer. Instead we add a new dimension to your event and a gracious way to share your day. Prices range from $800 to $2500 for our photo team of two professionals to arrive at your reception and produce hundreds of images. Contact us for an exact cost projection.

The X.